Friday, June 29, 2007

Ridiculous amounts of rain down here. We're safe, our house remains unflooded, and we're staying close to home so as not to tempt the low water crossings that seem to spring up at a moment's notice. Hard thing, living on topsoil-free land that's been saturated by 10 days of downpour. Add to that our area's lack of sewer drainage (because of the rock 3 inches underground), and there are quite a few people who are downright hosed.

All we're really dealing with is a massive influx of ants. When it rains, they come inside. Yuck.

Huck's well, we're well. I'm bugging Huck's SW for access to his file. He's readjusting to us just fine, the first few days there was a lot of boundary testing, but nothing too terrible. He was confused as to why we weren't running out and buying him cupcakes and creme sodas whenever he asked for them, as my mother did, but by now he's just about back to how he was before surgery. My mom wasn't just feeding him crap for the fun of it, for a while there Huck refused to eat or drink anything, and he was a few hours away from being admitted to the hospital for lots of IVs. A mix of pedialyte and creme soda was just fine with all of us.

So, if your kids go in for surgery, make sure the nurse weighs your kid correctly. When I talked to the surgeon, he told me that Huck had weighed in at 55 pounds. I refused to believe it, insisted that he be reweighed, and as the nurse rolled her eyes at me, I explained that a month ago Huck weighed 39 pounds, and his clothes still fit him just fine, and yes, I'd been fattening him up the last week preparing for surgery, but no way was I that good at it. When he was weighed a second time, he measured 41.3 pounds. I'm not really sure what a 25% difference in weight would have meant as far as anesthesia administration, and it didn't happen, so I've not investigated it, but, you know, make sure the nurse that weighs your kid has had her morning coffee.

Thanks for all your comments on the last post. I got all misty. So glad to know there are people out there. Sometimes I just feel like I'm throwing this all out into the void.


Maggie said...

41 to 55 pounds -- yeah, there's a pretty big difference there! Good for you for insisting on his being weighed again!

Stay dry.

Amanda said...

You sound much more relaxed in this post than you have in previous ones... hope you and yours remain unflooded.

And I'm always checking your blog, just so you know :-)

Yondalla said...

Makes you wonder, huh? I know the scales can be off if the kids are not centered, but the nurses are supposed to be good at that.

Tami said...

Way to go Mom! That's a pretty big variance and can make a difference in anesthesia. I'm glad you caught it.
And, yeah, we're out here listening. I just found your blog a few weeks ago and love it. Keep up the good work.

cloudscome said...

I have had nurses make the same mistake. I am glad you insisted on a re-weigh. That is a huge difference!