Saturday, April 14, 2007

Yay for you guys. I'm so glad I'm not alone in the whole "she's a crazy bitch" line of thought.

I did let our SW know about it after it happened. Her response was basically, "Whew, aren't you glad he doesn't live with her?" And I do consider Huck's balls-out running away to be normal little boy behavior -- My brother was born when I was 11, and he was the kind of kid that, each day, you'd thank the stars that he survived another one. Huck is just as high energy, but not as terrifying as my brother was.

As I mentioned, the whole ass-chewing happened about six weeks ago, and at the time I was scared to death. I have only been back to the school three times since then, since right after it happened Hub started working from home and since then he's been in charge of the to-school-and-back action. For whatever reasons, it is no big deal when Daddy brings him to school and leaves him there, but it is traumatic and horrible when I do it. So that change has worked well, and at the same time it has kept me from physically assaulting the SDC.

I am going to the auction, though, mostly because I decided to donate about $500 worth of items and I want to see how they do. See, this goes into the part of my mind that is twisty and manipulative -- I'm furious with SDC, I want her to know how upset I am eventually, but first I want to become someone they'd love to retain at their school next year, so that I can hurt her a bit more. Yeah. To feel like I'm screwing her by leaving, I have to make her like me or something. Not too proud of that, I don't pull this sort of thing often, but I'm quite bitter about the whole situation.

The whole thing just sucked. Mostly because it plays into my vulnerability as Huck's mom, and into my notion that I'm somehow at fault for his resistance to me.


Yondalla said...

I totally get the auction thing. Go make them see you are wonderful!

And I am very, very glad you have a social worker who has sense. I find most of them do, but it is frightening for there to be someone who has potentially so much power over your life.

Mary said...

Sweet, sweet revenge. And you get to feel happy while still helping the school. Perfect plan!

And I understand the idiocy of heaping piles of information that is never reviewed. We went through that with our three kids and it's enough to make you want to put a dagger through school administration's eyes!

Maggie said...

The auction thing is evil and nice at the same time. I love it!

MJ said...

I totally would want to pull my donated stuff ... just cause im mean like that. I am really impressed you managed to hold your tongue ... although my hate of conflict might have made me do the same thing. But the SDC was totally totally out of line and that fact that she had the nerve to blame you really makes me want her fired.

My little boy, when he was 2 was an escape artist. He had figured out how to unlock and open the front door and had gotten out and went down the block and across a busy street. I immediately started looking for him, didnt find him til 10 min later cause i went the wrong direction. The ladies that found him were soo downgrading and horrible to me that I wont forget it. Yes I know my son crossed a busy road, yes i know what could have happened(i imagined it for that whole 10 min i was looking) and I didnt need the condesending words they gave me. Then the woman cop came and gave me hassle bout the disaster of my house as well... i was a wreck. Anyway the whole point is they get away despite our best efforts. Even after that when we installed a higher deadbolt, he proceeded to jump 6 feet out a kitchen window. Thank God thats hes mellowed a bit here at almost 3 and a half.

Hang in there, you are doing great with Huckle and that stability is more than the SDC could ever give him.