Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just another morning around here.

I've been told I'm a monster, I've been sung "You Are My Sunshine," I've been kicked in the head (again! you'd think I'd learn not to crouch down) and I also deflected a tongue kiss in there somewhere -- or just a poorly aimed lick. (and omg yuck, I caught Huckle letting the dog lick his tongue. almost threw up.)

So far, not too bad. A little too much puppy smushing, but I'm keeping Huck in his penguin pajamas, so at least he looks cute while he's cracking skulls. The cable guy is 3 hours late, and I just don't think The Hub thought ahead when he rented Jackass 2 last night and nothing else. My boy needs his Wonderpets.

PS: I know I'm behind on invites to Spotted Dog Three, but for whatever reason, blogger won't let me get into it. So, um, till that kink works itself out, we'll just hang over here. I'm not ignoring anyone, just stymied.


Amanda said...

Well, above all else, at least he's cute, right? I definitely feel that way with BeBe sometimes

Margaret said...

"At least he looks cute while cracking skulls..." Priceless.

QueenBee said...

Wonder Pets? Do you find it as ANNOYING as I do? It's all my Speedy wants to watch and that dern song gets so stuck in my head!